Разработка и производство контрольно-измерительных приборов

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      Laser marking services:

Dimensions of working area: 110x110 mm.

Any kinds of metals, engraving on steel, copper, brass, bronze.

It is possible engrave cylindrical surfaces, mark the instruments.
And also if you need to manufacture products with your own brand: making magnets, engraving business cards or souvenirs (for example, watches or photographs).


       Laser cutting services:

Dimensions of working area: 230x320mm. Thickness of material is up to 4 mm.

Cutting is possible for any kind of metal: various steel, brass or copper. Laser cutting is also possible on a cylindrical surface.



To place an order according to your sketches or drawings you need to send them to us by fax (+375214413008), mail (Republic of Belarus, Vitebskaya region, 211412, Polotsk, Stroitelnaya str., No. 22) or by e-mail (polotsk_point@mail.ru).   


Your inquiry will be reviewed as soon as possible and our managers will inform you about the possibility and cost of manufacturing of requested product or unit.

Point LLC offers machining of parts. Workshops with various types of machines allows to manufacture any part from any material.

  • Turning :  Universal or CNC lathes
  • Milling : Universal mills or machining centers with CNC
  • Deep-hole drilling : diameter from 5 to 11, depth up to 1000 mm
  • Zinc coating (cold)
  • Stamping
  • Sawing of blanks diameter up to 380 mm of any material
  • Sawing of copper, aluminium profiles(or blanks) on presice machines
  • Welding: TIG, semiautomatic
  • Casting of plastics on injection molding machines



CXZ 6 35







To place inquiry, you should send your schemes or drawings to us by fax (+375 214 413008), by post (Republic of Belarus, Vitebskaya region, Polotsk, 211412, Stroitelnaya str, No. 22), or via e-mail (polotsk_point@mail.ru).

Your inquiry will be reviewed as soon as possible and our specialists will inform you about the possibility and the cost of manufacture of product.

oint LLC offers services for the development of 3D models (according to drawing of customer), followed by manufacturing parts from ABS plastic on a 3D printer.