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Resistance thermometers platinum standard POINT-25 - working standards of the 1st, 2nd category (hereinafter - resistance thermometers) according to GOST 8.558-2009 are designed to measure the temperature of liquid and gaseous media during calibration and calibration of temperature measurement instruments.


Main technical characteristics:

Name of characteristics Value
Executions 1-th digit 2-nd digit
Temperature measurement range, °C from -196 to +660,323
Rated resistance at 0 °C, Ohm           25±1
Instability of thermometers in the triple point of water after annealing at a temperature of 10 °C above the upper limit of measurement, °C, no more ±0,001 ±0,002
The ratio Of WGA resistance of thermometers at the melting point of gallium to their resistance at the triple point of water, not less 1,11807 1,11795
Confidence limits of absolute error at probability 0.95, °C, no more at temperature: in the range from -196 °C to + 0.01 °C ±0,01 ±0,05
+0,01 °С ±0,002 ±0,01
+29,7446 °С ±0,002 ±0,01
+156,5985 °С ±0,005 ±0,02
+231,928 °С ±0,005 ±0,02
+419,527 °С ±0,01 ±0,02
+660,323 °С ±0,01 ±0,03
Electrical insulation resistance between the terminals and the body of thermometers at ambient temperature from +15 °C to +25 C and relative humidity from 30 to 80 %, MW, not less             100
Overall dimensions, mm, not more
The diameter of the protective tube               8
Diameter of thermometer head              40
The length of the Assembly part             800
Weight, g, not more             200
Operating conditions: ambient temperature, °C relative humidity, % atmospheric pressure, kPa from +15 to +25 
from 30 to 80 
from 84 to 106

The average time between failures – 1000 hours.

The average service life is 5 years.

Point-100 reference resistance thermometer applies to standard of third level and is intended for calibration of temperature sensors, as well as for accurate temperature measurements in its operating range.

Technical characteristics of Point-100:

Point-100/1 Point-100/2
Temperature range, °C -80 ... +419,527 
-80 ... +660,323
Nominal resistance at 0°C R0, Ohm 100±0,05
Instability at temperature of triple point of water after annealing at a temperature for 10 °C above the upper limit of the working range, °C, not more than 0,01
The ratio of resistance at a temperature of 100 °C to the resistance at a triple point of water, W100, not less than   1,3850
Electrical insulation resistance between terminals and housing at a temperature 20±2°С and at relative humidity from 30% to 80%, MOhm, not less than 100
Sheath diameter, mm 5
Maximum diameter of connector, mm 20
Insertion length, mm 558
Weight, grams, not more than 150

 Measurement errors of Point-100

Temperature, °С Reference point  Confidence error at confidence temperature, °С:
 -80°С  -   0,03
 Triple point of water  0,02
231,928°С Tin solidification point 0,04
419,527°С Zinc solidification point 0,07
Aluminum solidification point 0,15