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Indicator/logger for thermocouples PI-002/4



PI-002/4 is designed for measuring temperature of liquid, gaseous, solid and bulk media. As a primary transducer, any thermocouple is used in accordance with GOST 6616-94 with Nominal Static Characteristics (NSC) according to STB GOST P 8.585-2004.

The basic indicator/logger is available for thermocouples with the following NSC (STB GOST P 8.585-2004):





but at the request of the customer it is possible to adjust for any thermocouple.

The working principle of the thermocouple is based on the generation of thermo-electromotive force between the hot and cold junctions, so in order to know the actual temperature of the object, it is necessary to take into account the temperature of the cold junction. What is carried out with the help of the cold junction temperature compensation by mathematical transformations of software.
Quick response allows it to be used with surface thermocouples.



1-Model 2-Type of primary transducer 3-Measurement range, oC 4-Accuracy, %

  5-with Memory

PI-002/4- 21 - ТХА(K)
22 - ТХК(L)
23 - ТЖК(J)

1  from  0 to +1200
2  from  0 to + 800
3  from  0 to + 750

1 - ±0,25

2 - ±0,5

3 - ±1


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