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Pocket-size thermohygrometer PI-002/1


PI-002/1 is designed for measuring temperature and relative humidity of air. As a primary transducer, a temperature and humidity sensor is used, made in the form of attached to the housing antenna which contains an analog temperature sensing element and a humidity sensing element.


The working principle of the temperature and/or humidity sensors is based on the change in the voltage output of the sensing element when the temperature and/or humidity of the medium is changed.

The working principle of the PI-002/1 is based on the measurement of the signals from the temperature and humidity sensing elements located inside the enclosure (in other modifications of PI 002, the sensing elements are located in remote probes) with their subsequent conversion to a digital signal and the indicating of information on the LCD display.

A convenient intuitive menu and many settings allow you to display the current time, the number and month, or the peak values of the measured parameters. Distinctive properties of the device are its low power consumption, and consequently, a greater battery life. At the request of the customer, the device can be supplied with a memory chip to record the measured values and function as a logger. Then, using the interface cable on the PC, it is possible to display graphs and tables of the temperature and humidity values measured by the instrument.



                           PI-002/1-A (with memory chip for logger function)


pi 002 1

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