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Thermohygrometer and indicator/logger for RTD, thermocouple, unified signals PI-002/8



PI-002/8is designed for measuring temperature and relative humidity of ambient air; temperature of liquid, gaseous, solid and bulk media, as well as for measuring values who are converted into a unified output signal (0 - 5) mA or (4 - 20) mA. As a primary transducer followings may be used: detachable sensing element of temperature and relative humidity of air (fig.2) or RTD in accordance with GOST 6651 (fig.3) or thermocouple in accordance with GOST 6616 with NSC according to STB GOST P 8.585 (fig.4) or any device with unified output signal (0–5) mA or (4–20) mA (fig. 5).
PI-002/8 has the functionality of devices PI-002/2 and PI-002/7.



1-Model 2-Type of primary transducer 3-Measurement range 4-Accuracy,%

  5-with Memory

PI-002/8- - -

1 - ±0,25

2 - ±0,5

3 - ±1



 Figure 2.  Figure 3.  Figure 4.  Figure 5.



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