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Wireless indoor climate monitoring system PI-002/11



PI-002/11 is designed for measuring of temperature and relative humidity of indoor ambient air. As primary transducers, an analogue sensors of temperature and humidity are used. Primary transducers are made as separate remote wireless devices with sensors attached to the cover of device body (Fig. 2.7). Autonomous power supply provides a long-term measurement of microclimate parameters for 2-4 years from a pair of AAA batteries. Approximate life of batteries (2 pcs AAA batteries) depending on measurement frequency is as following: once in 5 minutes - 1 month; once in 30 minutes - 6 months; once in an hour - 1 year. The measurement results of the device are transferred to the computer for storage and visualization via the open wireless network interface ZigBee. The data transmission range in standard version is about 30 m (it is possible to increase the range of the microclimate monitoring system (MCMS) by additional equipment: repeaters and antennas can be supplied along).





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