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Power supply BP-4


BP-4 is designed for maximum output power of 100 W. Manufactured only in one-channel design.


Technical data of power supplies BP-4
Output voltage, V: 24 V.
Quantity of isolated channels (by transformer): 1.
Maximum output power, W: 100.
Weight is not more than, kg: 5.
Mean time to failure is 65000 hours.
Average service life is not less than 10 years.
The warranty period is 18 months from the date of commissioning.
Electrical parameters
Input: power supply from AC mains with frequency (50±1)Hz and voltage 230V  (+23   -35)V.
The amplitude of output voltage ripple is not more than 1%.
Change of output voltage when changing:
mains voltage by ±10% - not more than 1%;
load current from 0 to max – not more than 1%;
ambient temperature by 1 ºC - not more than 0,05%.
Operating conditions
Ambient pressure, kPa: from 84,0 to 106,7.
Ambient temperature, ºС: from +5 to +50.
Protection level according to GOST 14254-96: IP20.



Ordering Code (General) BP-4 – B – C / D

1 2 3 4 5
Model of power supply


Channel quantity


Voltage per channel, V


Maximum load current per channel, A

Protection level of enclosure Mounting type
BP-4 1 24 4 IP20 (by default) Tabletop

If the current-voltage characteristics of the channels differ, the rated voltage and the maximum load current are indicated through a dash for each channel.
It's possible to manufacture power supplies with other characteristics after agreement with the manufacturer.