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Power supply BP-1

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Power supply BP-2

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Power supply BP-3

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Power supply BP-4

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Designed to convert the mains voltage - 230 V into a stabilized DC voltage of 9V, 12V, 24V.
The power supply has several isolated channels (by transformers), LED indication of operation of each channel and electronic protection circuit against overloads and short circuits for each channel.
The power supply is designed to supply a stabilized voltage to various wide-range radio electronic devices, particularly to control and measurement instruments.


Electrical parameters

Input: power supply from AC mains with frequency (50±1)Hz and voltage 230V (+23 -35).
The amplitude of output voltage ripple is not more than 1%.
Change of output voltage when changing:
•    mains voltage by ±10% - not more than 1%;
•    load current from 0 to max – not more than 1%;
•    ambient temperature from +5 to +50 ºС –   not more than 0,5%.


Operating conditions

Ambient pressure, kPa: from 84,0 to 106,7.
Ambient temperature, ºC: from +5 to +50.
Protection level according to GOST 14254-96:
•    for BP-1 (open/bare enclosure type), BP-2, BP-3 – IP30;
•    for BP-1 in closed enclosure type – IP54;
•    for BP-1 in a special enclosure type – IP58;
•    for BP-4 – IP20.

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