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Multizone Thermocouples


        It applies where it is necessary to measure the temperature in different zones. The most commonly used fields are heat treatment furnaces, reactors for catalytic synthesis of petroleum products. Can be installed inside special thermowells or laid on measurement zones of process equipment.
        Consist of several sensors of different mounting/insertion lengths. The number of measuring zones is equal to the number of sensors in the assembly.

Main characteristics of thermocouple:
        Hazardous location application: ExdIICT6; ExiaIICT6.
        Protection level: IP44; IP65; IP68.
        Ambient temperature: from -50 °C to +85 °C.
        Nominal static characteristic (NSC) is according to STB GOST R 8.585-2004: ТХК(L); ТХА(K); ТНН(N); ТЖК(J); ТМК(T).
        Hot junction types: I; N; II; IN; 2I; 2N.
        Sheath materials of MI cable: AISI 310; AISI 304; AISI 316; 12X18H10T; Inconel 600 and others.
        Range of measured temperatures: from -40 °C  to +1100 °C.


  • Design features
        The design with a weld-on tip provides direct contact of the temperature sensor with the measured surface;
        The multipoint thermocouple design with remote connection head, and with the leads made from MI cable. It is possible to use a compensation cable for ease and convenience of connection/installation;
        Compression fitting for well-sealed connection;
        Multipoint thermocouples can be manufactured in the modification of TP-B-U, with a built-in temperature transmitter PI-001;
       A design is possible in which thermocouples with a diameter of 1.5 mm are located inside a thermowell or protective sheath, and free space between the thermocouples are filled with aluminum oxide. The diameters of the thermowell and thermocouples are chosen depending on the number of zones and customer requirements. It's neccessary to consult the manufacturer when choosing the design type depending on complexity and uniqueness of required product.
        By agreement, the application of special constructions (eg. MI cable with an increased wall thickness, additional protection in places of elevated temperatures, etc.) can be considered.

Ordering code for thermocouples made using MI cable

Samples of ordering code for TP-B

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 16
TP-B  -Exia IIC -ТХА(K)   -2 -I -K -(from-40 to +800) 6000/3000/2000 /3   -F .200 .(ZK-4-1-5-92) -B -100

Samples of ordering code for TP-B-U

1 2 4 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
TP-B-U -Exd IIC -3x(4-20)mA(HART) -(±1) -I -K -(from 0 to +600) -6000/3000/2000 /3 -NSH. 200. K11⁄2   -YA -3xMG


Parameter Possible values
Model TP-B TP-B-U
Explosion proof / Intrinsically safe Exia; Exd; Exdia (in the absence is not indicated)
Category of explosive mixture IIC (in the absence is not indicated)
NSC (for TP-B) / range of unified output signal (for TP-B-U)  ТХА(K); ТХК(L); ТЖК(J);
(4-20) mA; (0-5) mA; HART*;  √**
Tolerance class (for TP-B) / basic given error limit (for TP-B-U), %

1 (except ТХК(L));


±0,25; ±0,5; ±1
Hot junction type I; II; N; IN; 2I; 2N I; N
Probe or insertion part type K; P; Kn
Measurement range, °C  ХА(K); НН(N) ХК(L) ЖК(J) МК(T) from -40 to +1100
 from -40 to +1100 from -40 to+600 from -40 to +750 from -40 to +350
or within the specified range
Insertion or mounting length Lm, mm from 25 mm to 30000 mm
(values are indicated from the longest length to the shortest and seperated by "/")
Probe diameter D, mm 1,5; 3; 4; 4,5; 6
Mounting/connection method  NSH; F
Length of extension part Lo, mm 100; 160; 200; 250
Type and size of mounting as agreed with the manufacturer
Connection head design D; M; Nb; P; YA
Cable gland

(indicate the quantity+code of the cable gland)

(in the absence is not indicated)

Length of extension cable Lkab, mm 100; 250; 500; 1000; 2000; 3000; 5000; 10000; 15000
(in the absence is not indicated)

    * In TP-B-U, data transfer protocol HART is combined with unified output signal.
    ** In this case, the unified output signal has a square-root dependence.
    After order code, it is allowed to specify the special requirements of the customer in parentheses.
The manufacture of multipoint temperature sensors with design parameters other than those listed above is only possible in agreement with the manufacturer!


Design types


Thermocouples with connection head

Thermocouples with extension cable


Multipoint thermocouple in a protective sheath


Photos of some products


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