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Manometric assembly


Manometric assembly (Siphon-valve assembly with an extra side outlet) is designed to reduce the pressure pulsation and to simplify the installation of pressure transmitters on process pipelines with non-aggressive media.

Certificate of conformity No POCC BY/MH02/H00082   TU BY 390184271.020-2011


Ordering code for Manometric assembly

Item name     1   2   3   4 5
Manometric assembly OUD -  16 - 200 - 01   Ac KZIM-03.01-15-250-Rc1/2-Ac
1-Manometric assembly model

OUD – Siphon-valve assembly (manometric assembly)

2-Rated pressure (MPa)

16 - the highest operating pressure at a process temperature of 20°C.

3-Operating temperature

T - the highest operating temperature, at which a predetermined service life is ensured.


4-Design type of manometric assembly


Parameters of manometric assembly


OUD - 16 - T - N - S - X    200 01   KZIM-03.01-15-250-Rc1/2
 400  KZIM-01.11-15-160-Rc1/2



Ac – zinc plated steel 20
B – stainless steel 12X18H10T

F-Valve model

KZIM-03.01-15-250-Rc1/2 – shut-off needle valve with thread-in stem (fluoropolymer sealing)
KZIM-01.11-15-160-Rc1/2 – shut-off needle valve wih one-piece housing (graphite sealing)

Technical documentation
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