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Certificate of conformity № POCC BY/MH02/H00080   TY PB 390184271.009-2004

Thermowells are designed to prevent direct exposure of the media to thermocouples and to resistance thermometers when mounted in pressurized vessels, pipelines, steam boilers or other objects.


  1. GCR - Straight and stepped screw-in thermowells (see details->)
  2. GKR - Tapered screw-in thermowells (see details->)
  3. GCP - Straight and stepped  weld-in thermowells (see details->)
  4. GKP - Tapered weld-in thermowells (see details->)
  5. GCF - Straight and stepped thermowells with flange (see details->)
  6. GKF - Tapered thermowells with flange (see details->)


Thermowells are manufactured with the following threads:

metric thread according to GOST 24705,

parallel pipe thread according to GOST 6357

tapered pipe thread according to GOST 6111.

Process connection thread can be made at the request of the customer according to other foreign standards.


Flanges of thermowells are made according to GOST 12821, with flange face and mounting dimensions according to GOST 12815 for the specified rated pressure.

Flanges can be made at the request of the customer according to other foreign standards.

Thermowells should be operated at flow rates and pressures not exceeding the values shown in the tables for corresponding thermowell modifications. The maximum flow rate and the rated pressure of medium are determined based on the static strength of the thermowells. The calculation is made for a medium with a density 1000 kg/m³ at a temperature 20-200ºС.

Thermowells of all modifications are hermetic. They are subjected to tests by the test pressure Рpr and should be operated at the working pressure Рr in accordance with GOST 356.

Rated pressure Pn, MPa Test pressure Ppr, MPa  Working pressure Pr, MPa
 200°С 400°С 590°С 610°С
1,6 2,4 1,6 1,2 0,7 0,62
6,3 9,5 6,3 4,8 2,8 2,5
25,0 35,0 25,0 19,0 11,0 10,0
50,0 65,0 50,0 37,0 22,5 21,0

Thermowells are made of stainless steel 12X18H10T according to GOST 5632. At the request of the Customer it is possible to manufacture thermowells from other materials (details).

Usage instructions

The installation method shown in Fig. 1 is used when devices are mounted on horizontal sections of pipelines with a diameter of more than 76 mm. In this case, the probe insertion length of the instruments can vary from 80 to 2000 mm.

The installation method shown in Fig. 2 is better for mounting of instruments on vertical pipelines with a diameter of more than 76 mm using lateral olets.

The installation method shown in Fig. 3 is used for mounting the instruments in the pipe elbow. This method can be used only if the diameter of the process pipeline is more than 76 mm. For installation of the instruments, lateral olets are used, so that the working end of the instrument coincides with the axis of the pipeline.

The installation method shown in Fig. 4 is used for diameters of the technological pipeline 45 and 57 mm and the immersion depth of the instrument from 90 to 100 mm. In this case, at the installation site of the instrument, the pipeline section is artificially expanded by inserting and welding a larger diameter pipe. The pipe expansions, as a rule, is made of a tube with a diameter of 76 mm, onto which an olet is welded. This method can be used for installation of instruments with an immersion depth up to 200 mm, using lateral olets and expanders made of a pipe with a diameter of 133 mm.

The installation method shown in Fig. 5 is used to mount instruments with a probe insertion length from 150 to 200 mm, on pipelines with a diameter from 14 to 38 mm. Installation of instruments on pipelines of this diameter can only be carried out with the help of special expanders in the form of a cylinder. The medium to be measured is fed into the cylinder either from below or from the side in the lower part of the glass. The measured medium outflow is from the side in the upper part of the glass. The olet for instrument mounting is welded to the top cover of the cylinder.

Technical documentation
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